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tv   Way Too Early With Willie Geist  MSNBC  May 16, 2011 5:30am-6:00am EDT

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anticipated game one between the bulls and the heat. the question is, just how bad was it for dwayne wade, lebron james and miami? it's way too early for this. good morning. this is "way too early." the show that learned to do the show while sleeping with its eyes open. it's a neat trick. glad you are up with us watching on msnbc or listening live on sirius xm radio. let me know what you're doing up at this hour. or do what mike huckabee does which is text the word awake followed by your response to 622639. the next 30 minutes will be our cram session for this monday, may 16th. a lot to talk about today. including robert gates declaring on "60 minutes" that we may have turned the corner in afghanistan sometime this year. plus snl shows president obama
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walking with a little extra swagger after the death of osama bin laden. smoking, drinking, doing a little stand-up at a rally. it's good stuff. we'll show you the clip. first, let's get to the news live at 5:30 a.m. at 30 rock in new york city. a plan to save louisiana's two biggest cities from massive flooding is now underway. the army corps of engineers opened a total of nine bays so far on the morganza spillway to prevent water from the mississippi river from adding pressure to the levees downstream in baton rouge and new orleans. but it could flood out 10,000 structures and 25,000 people which has officials urging residents to evacuate the area immediately. live with us is mike seidel. how are people coping down there?
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>> reporter: they're doing the best they can. what we have seen as we come out from morgan city to stevensville is every house on stevensville road has been sandbagged. i've never seen this before. i've seen sandbagging here and there, but every home. they're up about three, four feet. they think that will be enough protection. we have water surrounding this entire area. if you have ever been to louisiana, there's water areas. bayous, and canals. that water comes down from the spillway, down the river, the basins fill up and backs into this area. this water will come in -- tr y actually it will come in from across the street, that side is lower. in 1973, they had about three to four feet of water here. that's the benchmark here. they are thinking it may be as bad as that and they're keeping their fingers crossed it won't be as bad. they expect the water to arrive tuesday. it was about a 72 process to get it from there down to here
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because we're down at the southern end of the river, then it flows out to the gulf of mexico. it's a wait and watch here. everybody is pretty much in their homes. nobody is really evacuated. they sandbagged. and i think a lot of folks will hang around as long as they can. the thing about this, it's a slow-moving disaster. vicksburg set a record yesterday. now 25 locations in 10 states have set record levels on the mississippi river and some tributaries. it's a wait and watch here in the morgan city area. next couple days we'll find out what happens. the crest is expected on may 25th, that's nine days from now at 11 feet. the previous record was 10 1/2 feet. that city is well-protected by levees. what the corps is doing now and residents is building up new levees to keep the water out. >> sounds like people staying put there, doing the best they can mike, thank you very much.
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later today president obama is expected to visit memphis to meet with officials and speak with families impacted by the flood. now the story continues to move downstream. turning to the economy, america's debt clock is ticking away, expected to reach the 1 3 $14.3 trillion debt ceiling today. the treasury department warns if the debt ceiling is not raised by august, the u.s. will start to default. time geithner warns a default would infact catastrophic far reaching damage on our nation's economy, something nantly reducing growth and increasing unemployment. yet john boehner agreed with the need to raise the debt limit but reiterated his party's commitment to holding the vote to get spending cuts in return. >> i'm ready to cut the deal today. you know, we don't have to wait until the 11th hour.
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but i am not going to walk away from this moment. we have a moment, a window of opportunity to act. because if we don't act, the market will act for us. i am committed to making sure that we have real reductions in spending and real changes to the budget process so this problem will never occur again. >> speaker boehner questioned president obama's commitment to cutting the deficit saying everything should be on the table, except, of course, raising taxes. the 2012 presidential race is starting to take shape as republican contenders get serious about their campaigns. mike huckabee, and one of the leaders in 2008, announced he will not seek the republican nomination. he said that on his fox news show on saturday night. he later explained the decision on fox news sunday. >> i think that i would have made a fine president, but it really came down, for me, a very personal, an intimate, and as i
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explained last night, a spiritual decision. last night i laid my head on the pillow and had a very good night's sleep. i was at peace with the decision. i am today. there may be a point in which i'll endorse, right now i'll see how the race unfolds and listen to how they deliver their message. >> huckabee said he could support donald trump saying trump would be better for america than president obama. the "new york post" is reporting that donald trump could announce today whether or not he will run. he said he will do that sometime in june. one who is in the race, newt gingrich sat down with david gregory on "meet the press" where ef criticized a house republican plan that would overall medicare. >> i'm against obama care which is imposing radical change, and i would be against a conservative imposing radical change. i believe all of us have a responsibility to pay for health care. >> you agree with mitt romney. >> i agree all of us have to
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agree to pay for health care. there is a way to do it to make lost libertarians happy. we should have health insurance or post a bond or in some way indicate you will be held accountable. >> but that is the individual mandate s it not? >> it's a variation on it. >> newt gingrich talked about his more controversial comments about president obama, defending them, saying nothing he said about the president has been racist. as more republicans are expected to announce, president obama received some good news in a new poll. 59% say they will either vote for the president or consider voting for him. we'll have more politico poll results on "morning joe" at the top of the hour. right now we want to turn to the scandal here. rebecca meehan is live in london. do we have rebecca with us? >> yes, we do i'm here. >> let's go to tracy strahan with us from new york city on this imf scandal, the head of the imf accused of sexual
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assault. >> reporter: good morning. we're down here in manhattan at the courthouse where dominique strauss-kahn was expected to be arraigned last night. instead he was taken to an area hospital in brooklyn, actually, an submitted to scientific and forensic examination, that includes dna testing on his skin, under his fingernails to testing on his underwear. this coming after strauss-kahn was arrested saturday afternoon for attempting to sexually assault a maid at the $3,000 a night hotel he was staying in in midtown. that woman told authorities that strauss-kahn emerged naked from a bathroom, chased her around the suite and attempted to perform a sex act. he wanted her to do that on him. she was able to break free and tell authorities this, but by the time authorities arrived at
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the hotel, strauss-kahn was gone. he was on an air france flight bound for paris at that point and authorities nabbed him. he was taken to the station house in harlem and then taken to the hospital. he is expected to be arraigned in a few hours from now. french media is here, all the local new york stations as well. as head of the imf, there are concerns about his political aspirations as well. he was considered the strongest potential challenger to nicolas sarkozy to next year's elections in france. back to you. >> thank you very much. also new reports about the way they got him on that plane. he had called back to the hotel on his way to the airport saying he left his phone. did they have it? hotel security was coached to say, yes, we do have it. we can we deliver it. he said he was going to the airport. as head of the imf, strauss-kahn played a key role in helping nations manage their way through the european debt crisis. here to explain the impact of his arrest, rebecca meehan from
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london. hello. >> reporter: yes. this scandal does have a big impact on how the markets feel about the prospects for the developing eurozone debt crisis. strauss-kahn was head of the imf, a crucial organization in these bailouts. and he personally was praised for the role he played during the global financial crisis as well if he's no longer in charge, that clearly has an impacted on the imf. back to you. >> rebecca meehan, thank you very much. appreciate it. secretary of defense robert gates is speaking out on the raid that killed osama bin laden. he did an interview last night with "60 minutes." gates outlined all the factors that faced the mission and praised president obama for his resolve in pursuing the al qaeda leader. >> i worked for a lot of these
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guys. and this is one of the most courageous calls, decisions that i think i've ever seen a president make. for all of the concerns that i've just been talking about, the uncertainty of the intelligence, the consequences of it going bad, the risk to lives of the americans involved. it was a very gutsy call. >> later in that same interview gates suggested that progress is being made in the war in afghanistan. >> we are getting the upper hand. we have, over the last 18 months, put in place for the first time the resources necessary to ensure that this threat does not rebuild. does not re-emerge once we're gone. i think we could be in a position by the end of this year where we have turned the corner in afghanistan. >> and more troops could come home? >> and more troops could come home. gates went ton say it's
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premature to say this summer's troop withdrawal from afghanistan could be accelerated in light of bin laden's death. still ahead on "way too early," gabrielle giffords is in cape canaveral, florida, to watch her husband launch into outer space above the space shuttle "endeavour," just over three hours from now. we'll check in with her. and the red sox, what can i say, dominate the new york yankees in a weekend sweep. we'll have baseball and nba highlights and a check on weather when "way too early" comes back. the surgeon general said the reason many can't quit is because cigarettes are addictive and said smokers should be warned. >> the point to get across is this tobacco product contains a
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even at the last minute. be smart. book smart. 5:45 in the morning. a gloomy, rainy, drizzly day in new york city. let's check on the weather from meteorologist bill karins. bill? >> good morning. one of the bigger weather events is what happens with "endeavour." supposed to lift off at 8:56 this morning. everything looks okay. winds are light. nothing on the radar upstream. we're good to go weather-wise. hopefully no technical issues will delay it. as far as the forecast goes, what you see is what you get. what we had yesterday is what we'll have today. if it's rainy or sunny yesterday, that will be your forecast today. it's not going to be pretty this afternoon or all week long. this is not a nice forecast.
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the same bostfor boston to d.c. new york. rainy. do not count on a lot of sunshine. all of that will be in the middle of the country. as nice as we were last week is as ugly as we are this week. >> that's an ugly forecast. check the airports. time for sports. bulls and heat in the eastern conference finals. game one. people looking forward to this. second quarter. bulls on the turnover. c.j. watson going to feed taj gibson for the two-hander. over dwayne wade. check this out. dwayne wade said i wuas punked n that play. chris bosh, the slam on boozer. it was about chicago's defense holding lebron james to 15 points. blocked there by gibson in the fourth. derek rose swoops into tinto th
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lanes past chalmers. taj gibson, one-handed putback. bulls blow out the heat, 103-82. big game, the thunder against the grizzlies. kevin durant looking to bounce back after game six and he scored 11 points. he bounced back nicely. drains a three here. 18 points for durant in the first half. third quarter, pouring it on. blocking the shot, and finishing it with a three. thunder up 14. westbrook finds durant for a back door jam. 39 points for durant. thunder win 105-90. they move on to the western conference finals where they will play dallas tuesday night. red sox and yankees sunday night game in the bronx. posada on the bench for
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apologizing to the yankees for refusing to play on saturday. granderson knocking in his 13th home run of the season. red sox then come back. youkilis, a three-run bomb. in the favorite, david ortiz breaks his bat but still muscles the ball into the right field stands. eighth inning, posada is called in to pinch-hit. gets the standing ovation from the crowd. he would walk. they still love him even though he's hitting .195. boston sweeps the yankees 7-5. a dramatic finish at the tpc, the player's championship at saw grass. david toms on 18 to tie k.j. choi. they go to a playoff at 17, and then this. toms misses the three-foot putt. his family cannot believe it. choi drains his par putt, an easy one for the win. good run for david toms but missed that easy putt on the
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playoff hole. coming up on "morning joe," the head of the imf will be arraigned this morning accused of sexually assaulting a maid and then trying to bolt home to france before he could be arrested. new details on how he was caught. and steven colbert storms capitol hill to make a point. we'll show you the frenzy he caused in washington. kids today have superheroes that lift buildings. and superheroes that fly. but what if we could go to a place where real superheroes lived.
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ones who moved mountains. lifted an entire people. and taught the whole world how to fly. come see america's greatest history attraction, the henry ford. and ignite the spark of imagination in all of us. as we watch our heroes come alive in pure michigan. your trip begins at
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at 8:56 eastern time this morning space shuttle "endeavour" will lift off on its final voyage, a historic moment for nasa's youngest space shuttle. it will be commanded by mark kelly, the husband of gabrielle giffords who is in florida. if you want to sound smart, tell your friends today will be the third time representative gifford also watch her husband go into space after missions in 2006 when the couple was dating, and in 2008, one year after kelly and giffords were married. this is remarkable becau it's t the water cooler and talk about steven colbert. colbert super pact, trying to
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make the point about big money influencing washington. he caused quite a stir up on the hill on friday. here he is. >> i believe in the american dream. and that dream is simple -- that anyone, no matter who they are, can grow up to create a legal entity which could then receive unlimited corporate funds which could be used to influence our elections. there are some who don't want you to have colbert super pack, but i don't know about you, i'm not willing to ride in the back of the bus. especially since with all the money i'll be riding in a private jet. who wants to ride in that jet with me? yeah! god bless you. god bless the united states of america. i will now shake your hand for $1 a piece. >> as you can see here, he did
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shake peoples hands for $1 a piece and got many. people actually handing him money to do so. colbert talking about the citizens united about his fcc ruling last year. we will see if the colbert super pact will move forward. on snl saturday night, did a sketch about president obama and the new swagger he's got since the death of osama bin laden. the guys up at snl suggesting he's relaxed a bit. not so much worried about smoking, looking loose at campaign events. watch this. >> that's right. i'm not hiding anything anymore. not hiding this i'm not hiding the hussein either. don't have to. i might drop the barack. president hussain obama.
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they talk about obama care. now it's hussein care. one more of these please? thank you. all right. we can do a little touchdown dance. remember the icky shuffle? >> any time you get the icky shuffle into an snl sketch, you're doing something right. still ahead, your spirited e-mails and texts are next. "morning joe" moments away. [ male announcer ] finally.
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number one story now on, a strange one. after those deadly tornadoes after the south, junk donations are becoming a challenge for relief officials. apparently they are getting a whole lot of stuff they can't use. what are you doing awake at this hour? alex has some answers. what have you got? >> kelly said she needs to get the dog to the vet today for a 7:00 a.m. tooth cleaning. >> okay. a good reason. >> another


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